Friday, January 25, 2013

Date Night Giveaway & Teeples Testosterone App

Photobucket With Valentine's around the corner romance is in the air.  Have you ever found yourself wondering why your man isn't interested?  Could Testosterone be an issue for your man?  Dr. Sloan Temple and his wife Susan are educating people about the effects of low testosterone in their book I'm Still Sexy So What's Up With Him?

The Teeples personally struggled with some inexplicable health and relationship problems, until Dr. Teeple had his blood tested.  At just 33 years old - he found out that he had the testosterone level of an eighty-year-old man!  Simply knowing this helped him get his “T” back on track... and restore his health, mood, relationship, and vitality!

Quick STATS on Low “T”
- Low Testosterone affects over 40% of men over 45 years old. 
- Only 5% of these men will be diagnosed.
- Low Testosterone is nearly 100% curable.

Symptoms of having Low “T”
- Loss of Sexual Desire
- Fatigue
- Unexplained Weight Gain
- Poor Concentration
- Moodiness

Bottom line: A healthy testosterone level can be the key to supercharging your relationship, health, and sex life.

To get the word out, Dr. Teeple created Teeple's Testosterone Test blog app! Take the test to see if you or your partner are at-risk for having Low “T” - and the test will generate an action plan filled with tips for boosting your Testosterone! 

WIN~ Win a copy of the book I'm Still Sexy So What's Up With Him and a pair of movie tickets just fill out the entry form below. 

disclosure:  Teeple'’s Testosterone is the sponsor of this giveaway and provided the materials for this post .  

Thanks for dropping in can't wait to read your date tips! 
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