Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coke Bottle Snowman #Preschool #Craft

snowman craft

Looking for a fun craft for preschoolers? Make a coke bottle snowman.  It's cute and you get to recycle a 2 liter.  Here is what you will need to make your snowman:

  • empty and rinsed out 2 liter bottle with lid
  • white paint 
  • orange paint
  • black marker 
  • felt for scarf 
  • old sock and ribbon 
  • glue 

What to do.  These are really fast and easy to make.  Add some white paint into the empty bottle , and then tighten the lid.  Hand it over to your preschooler and tell them to shake it up baby!  
PhotobucketThe kids love shaking the bottle and swirling the paint all around. Let them do this until the bottle is covered like this.
PhotobucketAfter that glue on a sock for the hat , add a piece of felt for a scarf , take a sharpie for the eyes, and add an orange swipe of paint for a nose.

There you have it a cute snowman craft for preschoolers.  While you are doing a snowman craft you might also like to read some of these fun snowman stories.

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