Saturday, January 12, 2013

6 Money Saving Tips From The Zoo

Saving money in 2013.  How can we do it?  Well that is definitely the question at hand now isn't it?  Are you great at saving money or not so great?

Here are some money saving tips that we use at the Zoo.

  • Meal planning...girls If I didn't meal plan we'd grocery shop ourselves out of house and home.  If I know what I'm going to buy I'm less likely to buy a lot of junk we do not need.   Plus with it all planned out we're not running through to grab fast food last minute. 
  • Menu Planning, Meal Plan Monday,Whitehead's monthly menu
  • Use Your  Freezer...when you are making Baked Ziti or another freezer friendly meal double it up and freeze the extra.  Instead of buying the grab and go items like french toast sticks at the grocery store make your own and put in freezer bags.  When you find a good sale on cheese, milk, ice cream, meat whatever buy extra and stick it up in the freezer.  
  • freezer french toast sticks, recipe freezer french toast
  • Make your own cleaners here is a recipe we tried for dishwasher detergent
  • Plant a Garden ~  I'm not going to lie a garden is a lot of work.  However, if it does well you will have tons of produce to freeze, can , eat and even giveaway. If you are not up to a big garden just buy a few plants and set out in pots.  Every little bit will help. 
  • smaller
  • Here is a tip my Grandma taught me shop the discount table at the Produce stand. Most of them have them. You can usually find some slightly  bruised fruit or veggies that need to be used soon. You can buy them at a discount and flash freeze them or use them now and your good to go.
  • Stock your gift shelf when you find a great sale pick up 1 or 2 things and tuck away.  With three kids we have a ton of Birthday parties and other things during the year.  Also, enter the giveaways you see . You won't win them all but you will some and even if it is not something you will personally use it just may make someone the perfect gift!
There you have it money saving tips from the Zoo.  

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Tell Us What Are Your Best Money Saving Tips? Leave a comment below! 


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