Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Old House Sounds Like....

Christmas, homeThe task to listen to my house for 5 or 10 minutes and tell you what I hear.  Something is crashing to the floor. One little boy is saying Uh Oh rather loudly. You can imagine what this means.  Bacon is sizzling in a frying pan and I'm sure splattering grease all over the stove too.

My husband decided he wanted bacon tonight dear me.  Bacon is one of those foods I only cook when forced too. So, he is making his own and I'll pay the price with the mess later. UGH that would be the sound of me groaning to bacon grease mess clean up.  He always manages to use way more pots and pans when in the kitchen than I would ever.

. One little Mr. is   making odd sounds that only little boys seem to know how to make.   The TV just came on and Jake and The Never Land Pirates is in the background.  Someone just sneezed. The cat is meowing she wants dinner. The big kids are scarily quite which means they are tucked away in their rooms probably texting or doing whatever it is teenagers do when they are hiding out in their rooms.  The dog is tossing a ball against the door letting us know he wants someone to play.  At least no one is arguing at the moment the sounds of this zoo are momentarily almost peaceful.

   All of this in 5-10 minutes can you imagine all day .What does your house sound like for any given 5-10 minutes?

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