Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last 12 Days of Elf On The Shelf + Linky

Elf On The Shelf

12 More Days Of  Tricks and Play With Our Elf

Day 13:  The elf was found on top of our entertainment center in an airplane
Day 14:  On the bathroom counter Brushing His teeth
Day 15:  He took a hot air balloon ride through the living room in someones Sponge Bob Boxers Uh Oh!
Day 16.  Eek! Buzz Light Year has him tied up by sword.  Look Out as the Elf Plots his revenge.
Day 17:  The elf was found in our bathroom he had wrapped the potty in Thomas the Train wrapping paper.
Day 18:  He was found among the blocks. Elves can build!
Day 19:  The elf made a road with my Washi road tape all over our living room! Across the all, down the couch and across the rug. Paths all over and was caught playing with matchbox cars. (I can't believe I didn't snag a picture C LOVED this)
Day 20:  The Elf and Woody lassoed Buzz...Oh Dear ~ Elf Revenge!
Day 21:  Back by the tree (seems to be his favorite place)
Day 22:  Spotted by the fireplace
Day 23: The was found among the ingredients to make Santa cookies
Day 24:  The Elf (Peter) was found nibbling on one of Santa's cookies drinking hot chocolate.
Day 25:  it is Christmas the Elf was found perched in our Christmas tree overlooking the presents =) Then we said good by until next year.  We'll miss Peter the Elf.

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Link up your elves. We will be pinning ideas for next years Elf adventures.

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