Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days Of Elf On The Shelf + A Linky

Like so many others we have jumped on board with an Elf On The Shelf.  We didn't have this tradition with the older kids . My oldest daughter claims that it is creepy.  However, I could picture C. loving it and I have to say I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone's Elves are up to. Some of you are so creative, as well as coming up with things for ours.

Some days C. is very excited about Peter our Elf, and some days he could care less depending on what mischief the Elf has gotten into.  This morning when he spied him playing on his dinosaurs he was non to happy with him and gave him a BIG scolding.  His favorites so far have been when Peter brought him a surprise sucker, toilet papered our TV/Entertainment center and zip lined through the living room. 

Here are some of the things we've found our Elf doing:

Day 1 we met our Elf and read the Elf On The Shelf Book
Day 2  we found him in the Christmas tree (Uh oh)
Day 3  we found him in the family room reading a book about Santa's Vacation
Day 4  He was spotted in the kitchen
Day 5 he made elf angels
Day 6 He Toilet Papered the entertainment center and then accidentally got stuck in the TP roll . Uh OH C says He needs HELP!!
Day 7:  He got caught playing in shaving cream with C's toy tractors
Day 8.  He was found in a Christmas stocking with a surprise treat
Day 9:  He was found in the window by the Christmas tree looking out
Day 10:  He zip line through the house
Day 11:  He had all of C's dinosaurs marching through the living room and was caught riding on one!
Day 12:  He left a get well card and Hershey's kiss for my sick boy :(

That's all so far .  We look forward to doing this ever year and...

We want to see what your Elves have been up too. Link up!

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