Thursday, October 25, 2012

Girl Scouts Chore Chart & Craft

A fun little activity we did this year with our Girl Scouts troop. Of course you could customize it for your family or classroom to suit your own needs.The girls had a great time making and decorating their dolls.

Here is what we you need:

  • large craft sticks
  • file  folder or heavy card stock
  • craft foam
  • ribbon or yarn for hair
  • various markers, colors, glitter etc to decorate
  • glue sticks
  • google eyes

Here is what I did to prepare

  1. cut out circles for heads out of a file folder and then glued them to craft sticks
  2. cut out dress shapes from assorted colors of craft foam 
Here is what the girls did: 
  • chose a color dress and glued it on to the craft stick
  • decorated their dolls face , chose eyes , hair etc. 
  • put name on  back of stick
I then have the small board shown to take to each meeting with the various chores at the top of the board.  I keep the dolls in a zip lock bag attached to the back of the board.  Each meeting I draw a doll from the bag and place it under the board/chore item for the girls. 


Leader note:

I went back and added Velcro to the back of the craft sticks and a dot under each chore so that I could more easily stick them on!