Friday, September 14, 2012

Paper Bag & Felt Puppets + Linky

Are you looking for a creative and fun way to spend the afternoon?  We made animal themed puppets.  These 4 critters were really easy to create from paper bags and felt.   No pattern required just some creative kids and their Moms. 


  • paper bags
  • felt (I picked up all of the cute felt shown above at Hobby Lobby)
  • google eyes (we used the x-large one)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • curly ribbon
Not to bad.  I already had everything in the craft cabinet so it worked out great for us to throw these together . 

STEPS for Zebra:

  • wrap one piece of zebra felt around bag and glue down
  • Add eyes
  • Draw on mouth
  • Add ears with curly ribbon 
  • Add tail with curly ribbon
Steps for Tiger, Giraffe, and Cheetah:

  • cut circles or lines from felt and glue on bag in whatever pattern desired
  • add eyes (glue on)
  • add ears
  • draw on faces with marker

PhotobucketAfter you design and put together your puppets it's time to play. Put them on your hands and have a show.  Or extend the activity and create a puppet theater.  Whatever you decide enjoy your afternoon!

Have you made a puppet or put on a show?  Share a link or head on over to our facebook page and share a photo we'd love to see them!

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