Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do It Yourself Elmo Party Hats

C's first Birthday we celebrated in Sesame Street.  I made these cute party hats for the party and everyone loved them.  He discovered them in a box the other day , Yes I still had them. I don't know why?  And has played with them ever since.

100_0968aThe hardest part of making these hats for me was finding solid red party hats.  I ended up finding packs of mixed solids at Dollar General and just pulling out the red ones .

red boa trim
felt in white, black and orange
red party hat
hot glue gun

For my hats I used red dress up boas found at the Dollar store also.  They also sell the boa trim in craft stores but it was cheaper to grab what I needed from the Dollar bin.  I then hot glued it around the bottom of the party hat and cut a puff and glued to the point at the top of the hat.

Next , cut out your eyes and nose from felt and glue on.

That is it! PhotobucketWasn't he the cutest and I loved the hat! Look at that big boy smile!