Friday, September 21, 2012

Alphabeep Activites + Learn Through Play Linky

Learn  Through Play, Learn through playWe had some fun zipping and zooming through our ABC's reading Alphabeep by Deborah Pearson.  Alphabeep is a really cute children's picture book that is great for the automobile lover.  It shares lots of bright primary colors and moving automobiles.  A is for "Ambulance" and lots more fun .

painting cars, painting carsWe picked up a few cars from the dollar bin at Walmart.  C loves painting these cars. He takes the job very seriously.

Another "Alphabeep " activity for us was to make a Car collage.  I cut out car shapes and glued them to a piece of construction paper.  I then had "Cars" wrapping paper and cut it into pieces and left in a bowl.  C glued them all over the shapes and made a picture.
We had a lot of fun exploring automobiles this week. We raced trucks down the slide.  We drove construction trucks in the sandbox .  Since starting school we've been talking a lot about school buses.  We painted a box and made a school bus, but Mama didn't get a photo.

Have you been learning through play this week?  Do you have a favorite activity or game you play with automobiles?

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