Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Top 7 Things Needed For A Perfect Barbecue

  1. Someone to man the grill (that would not be me) 

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    This cutie pie is my grill master Daddy. 

     2.  A sizzling sauce I prefer a little sweet with a little kick
     3. Sides..sometimes the sides can make the meal (right so maybe it's not the guys at all its Moms great sides? )  

    4. Looking for that sunshine.  I mean do you really want to have the perfect Barbecue on a rainy day?  
    5. The perfect company...the friends and family you really want to hang out with for a day 
    6. Entertainment the pool, the beach some water to beat the heat while you wait on the food 
     7. Dessert making it yummy so if the grill masters burn the food and the Mama drops the pasta salad it's still all good. 

What makes a perfect Barbecue for you?