Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Gutzy For Backpack Fun


What is Gutzy Gear?  

Gutzy Gear is the newest way to add some zing to your book bags, messenger bags , duffel bags and more.  Gutzies are removable patches that kids can trade, collect and have all sorts of fun with.  There are 56 Gutzies in a series and new ones constantly being added.  

How do they work?  
Get the backpack covers (they Velcro on) . We found that they even fit the smaller PreK sized backpack just fine!  Personalize your straps with your favorite Gutzy.  No sewing required they attach with Velcro too!  Now strut your stuff.  

PhotobucketWe had the chance to share Gutzy this week and had a great time doing so.  We grabbed our Gutzy and headed to a Brownie meet.  This weeks theme was all about camping and lucky for us Gutzy and their backpack straps were able to tie right in.  How?  Well you might pack a back pack to take along camping right?     
The girls had several camping activities including learning to tie knots, scary stories and a skit.  We had some fun and played Gutzy (the Gutzy version of Bingo) and each girl got to pick a Gutzy as they won.   It didn't take us Moms long to see Gutzies were going to be popular with these girls.  E is still telling me which Gutzies she wants and its been almost a week since party day.  Oh my!  

Gutzies are not just for girls .  Boys can join  the fun.  Gutzy has a lot of cool designs for both boys and girls .  C who is 3 is really crazy about these.  He took his back pack everywhere with us this week!  As a matter of fact he and big brother got into a tug of war over who the Gutzies belong to.  Boys will be boys ! I think Gutzy has found a hit for both young and old , big and small.   

Are you ready to go Gutzy? 

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