Friday, August 24, 2012

After the Fog by Kathleen Shoop Book Review

After the FogAfter the Fog by Kathleen Shoop
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

An interesting story based on the Donora Smog event. A town nurse "Rose" is juggling working and having a family. She has worked her entire life to put her past behind her and for a better life for her children. She has kept many many secrets from them and pushed them extremely hard for what seems to be her own dreams and not their own. Not intentionally she just wants them get the heck out of Donora and have a wonderful life, but in this she has somehow forgotten how to listen to them.

Her past comes crashing back . The town of Donora is covered by thick, dirty smog that is making everyone truly sick. The town is in a lot of trouble.

This one is not bad it just was not fast enough paced for my liking. I would think if you are in the area you might definitely find it interesting with the information about Donora and the horrid smog.

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