Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outdoor Fun & Interview Magic from #TimothyGreen


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Are you needing some inexpensive and fun ways to wind down your summer? 
I know we are just finishing up with vacationing , now it is time to school shop , plus my two oldest have later summer Birthdays so our budget gets stretched this time of year.

Summer is the perfect time to get outside run around and play new games.
Turn on the water sprinkler, play hide and seek or tag. OR...

Grab Bag & Freezing Water Tag
You will need: 

2 Brown Paper Bags  
Slips of Paper 
Something to Write With
Spray Bottle Filled with Ice Water

Setup: You’ll need a starting line, a designated turnaround point, and two teams (with at 
least two players per team). Also, two brown bags, slips of paper, and a pencil.
On the slips, write instructions: “Hop to the tree and back,” “Run to the slide, go down, 
and run back,” “Do 25 jumping jacks.” Make two of each instruction (so that the teams 
will have identical sets). Put one in each bag. Each bag should have one slip per player.

To play: The first player on each team pulls a slip from the bag, performs the action, and 
tags the next player, who does the same. The first team to finish all the actions wins.


You will need:

A Spray bottle filled with ice water 

How to Play: In this icy take on traditional tag, each player is given a 
spray bottle filled with ice water, and hand tagging is replaced with a cool squirt. 
When a player is misted, he must freeze, but he can squirt others still in play. The 
last player to remain unfrozen wins.

image013-1b An old-fashioned lemonade stand is sure to spark their creativity 
and entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s how to make one.


An old table and tablecloth 
Four sheets of construction paper
Markers or crayons
Cups & Ice 

Step 1: Cover the table with the tablecloth.
Step 2: Create a large “Lemonade” sign by taping the 
construction paper together and writing out the letters with 
your markers or crayons.
Step 3: Mix the lemonade and fill the cups with 
ice and lemonade.
Step 4: Get out there and sell! 

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