Monday, July 9, 2012

The Light Tamer ~ Book Review

by Devyn Dawson  Light Tamer is a young adult paranormal romance.  If you follow me on Good Reads or my book reviews here you've discovered I'm a fan of young adult .  I'll give just about any genre a try but young adult is truly a favorite for me.

The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer Trilogy) 

Jessie moves from New York to North Carolina one week after school lets out for summer break. Her newly single mother and Jessie move in with grandma Gayle. Being a teen in a retirement area is one more thing to add to her 'this sucks' list. It's bad enough to have to move, but even worse, her alcoholic father left them as he went on a quest to be an artist in Greece. Things begin to look up when she is reintroduced to Caleb, the dorky boy that saved her life one summer at the beach. Caleb is no longer scrawny and nerdy; he is now tall, dark and handsome. Caleb is a Light Tamer. Jessie and Amber become fast friends. Amber is a no frills girl. Her snarky comments and sassy attitude will raise a few eyebrows and have you laughing out loud. Amber is rough around the edges, a light tamer with only two years left to find the one she is bound to. Her father's surfing accident left her dad paralyzed and her brother dead. This paranormal romance will keep you on the edge of your seat with humor, romance, and determination. Fall head over heels for Caleb and Jessie.   Buy Kindle / Paperback / Nook / Smashwords

What I thought : 

I thought the Light Tamer was a little bit different .  It reads easily and definitely speaks to the young audience.   

The four main characters are Jessie, Caleb, Amber and Grandma (Ms.Gayle).  I  think you get a good picture of what these four are like.  Devyn Dawson does a good job of describing the bond of Jesse and Caleb. I picture them like magnets totally drawn to one another and connected. So bonded Caleb can read Jessie's thoughts. I'm not sure if I'd like my mate to know my every thought,  but it could come in handy in a dangerous situation.

Caleb and Jessie bonded when Caleb saved Jessie from near drowning as a child.  Then they are separated for several years. Jessie lives in New York with her parents and Caleb in North Carolina. Until Jessie and her Mom move  back to North Carolina and move in with Grandma.

  The one thing I find truly odd about the book is Why are so many Light Tamers located in a little town in North Carolina?  I like that light tamers are a little bit different than your typical paranormal book. 

Amber is the friend of the group and she is also a Light Tamer.  She is mouthy and the wild one of the group.  Yet, likable.  The three have all overcome struggles and obstacles in their short lives and now must face the Dark Ones.  

Ms.Gayle is as a Grandma should be. Involved and very pro granddaughter. She is totally there for Jessie and knows all about the Light Tamers.  She is in Jessie's corner 100% of the time.   I really like how she is such a hip supportive Grandma.  

The Light Tamer is not a hard book to read at all. It is fast paced and has a good plot.  I found this book quite enjoyable and think it is a good fit for young adults.

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disclosure: I received a free copy of Light Tamer for review.