Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do You Want To Visit London for the 2012 Olympics?

I think it would be quite exciting to take the family for a visit to London this summer.  Ex specially with the 2012 Olympics in town.  It has to be quite an exciting time in London right now.  Of course London is not in the cards this season we will have to enjoy from the television here at home.

If you are lucky enough to visit London you'll need a place to stay .   Check out the London Apartments for your visit.  Located in a great area where you can visit London attractions during the day and rest in the evening.  Robert and Polly Arnold are true Londoners and enjoy sharing the city with their guest.  Twenty - two years of experience , and raising three children here Polly and Robert bring more to the London Apartments than just a place to sleep.  They want you to have the best possible stay in their city.

What would I like to see if in London?  Here are a few of the attractions I'd like to visit.

    Isn't it so lovely?  Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Thames River.  It is close to the Tower of London  where it gets its name and is known as an iconic symbol in London.  I find it quite romantic.

The London eye is a giant Ferris wheel. I must confess I don't really want to ride it although I am sure the family would hop right on.  I'd love to snap some photos.  London is definitely a photographers dream city.

Have you ever enjoyed London?  Tell us what you love about the city? Are you there during the Olympics 2012?   Feel free to share a photo on our facebook page we'd love to see!

disclosure: This is a sponsored post.