Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alachua Splash Park Review & Tuesdays Travels Linky

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Alachua Splash Park 

14300 NW 146th Terrace
Alachua, Fl. 32615
(386) 462-1610

We have a blast when visiting this splash park. It is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. The older kids don't care for it but it is perfect for C who is 3.  I'm not sure what age child quits enjoying the splash park style play, E had a good time and she is 8.  

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The splash park is a pretty good size , completely fenced in and a lot of FUN.   Plus it is FREE
C has the best time here. As I sat back and watched though every child was engrossed in play the entire time we were there.   There were quite a few people here but there seemed to be plenty of room for everyone to play. 

alachuasplachparkplayground, splash park, tuesdays travels, free family fun
There are a couple of picnic tables in the splash park area , a bathroom and changing area. The bathrooms were clean, but one of the toilets was broken. 

There are also baseball fields and a nice basketball court here. Kids were rollerblading on the basketball court while we were here.  Then there is another huge covered picnic pavilion and playground .  The playground is not fenced but it sits way back from any roadway in between the baseball field, and covered picnic pavilion.

The playground was really nice .  There were all kinds of slides and climbing areas.  C and E really liked the rock climbing thing and the merry go round the best out of the playground equipment.

We brought a picnic lunch and came for the day. The kids had a great time and I can't say enough nice things about this playground!

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