Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take A Pennsylvania Roadtrip

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PA Tourism for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

visitPA-Roadtrip_box_720px.jpgAre you planning a road trip?  I was really excited to visit the Roadtrip-a-Matic site and learn more a bout Pennsylvania.  A road trip to Hershey has been on our to do list for quite sometime.  I'm hoping we get a chance to visit this December. (we'll see if this works out). 

The Roadtrip-a--Matic offers dozens of ready to ride roadtrips for visitors to Pennsylvania looking for outdoor experiences, small town charm, historic landmarks and so much more  Whatever a visitor is looking for, the Roadtrip-a-Matic has a roadtrip for everyone.  

Planning perfect family roadtrips takes a bit of work .  You want to have a plan for sights and attractions.. Places you may want to stop along the way to eat, potty breaks , and where will you stay.  The RoadTrip-A-Matic can simplify your planning.  I checked out the Kidsylvania options since we will be traveling with kids.  There are a ton of different planned pa-roadtrips on the site, to choose from.  

Honestly, there are so many trip options I would love to explore and take.  I chose the Kidslvania: Pittsburgh option to see just how the Roadtrip-a-Matic worked. The trip is planned for three days and two nights. The shorter length trip makes it the perfect many trip for the kiddos and I.  Each destination is designed with their fun in mind just as if I planned it mysel.f  

 The first planned destination would be the Children's museum of Pittsburugh.  The museum is a great big world of children's activities.  I think this would be a great fit for our youngest and the older kids would probably have fun also.  Destination 2 would be Station Square.  Station Square sounded like it would be more of a fit for our older kids.  Which is one of the reasons I chose this trip on the Roadtrip-a-matic.  Staion Square has lots of places to explore and activities for the famlly to do togehter. Including a Disney light show!   Lastly , Destination 3 is the Duquesene Incline.  This adventure sounds like it would be right up the kids alley.  They are all about adventure.  This destination would take you 800 feet up the side of the mountain. Cool right? 

Along with the three suggested destinations  the Roadtrip-a-matic also includes a list of worthy detours. As well as places to eat, and sleep.  That sounds like pretty much everything you need to make the perfect trip.  Really this trip was so simple to plan it makes me want to pack my bags and head on out to Pennsylvania.  

A few of the biggest hassles for us a family when traveling is agreeing.  Where to eat , there is five of us and everyone wants to eat somewhere different when provided with a choice.  Having a plan and knowing ahead of time we will eat HERE elimnates that problem.  

Visit the website and leave me a comment . What trip would you like to go on?  





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