Friday, June 15, 2012

Super Duper Easy Father's Day Card

Looking for a fun and easy craft for the kids for Father's Day?  
This card idea was found at Tip Junkie .  (Thanks Tip Junkie) I saw the idea 
on facebook and couldn't wait for the kids to recreate it. 


I took the kids candy shopping at Walgreen's.  Mr. C was grinning ear to ear , because he thought he hit the candy jack pot.  He wasn't grinning quite so much when he realized he was not going to get the candy.  

Then we wrote in marker on poster board ~ 

Dad , we were going to give you a whopping (insert whoppers) 100 Grand (insert candy bar) for Father's Day, but the $ slipped through our Butterfingers (insert Butterfinger). We didn't have an extra(insert gum) whatchamacallit (put in candy bar)  to sell and it wasn't pay day (candy bar).  We 
didn't think a pet Kit Kat  (candy bar) or a trip to New York (york patty), or an Orbit (insert gum)
around the Milky Way (candy bar) would be appropriate .  We do wish you Mounds (insert candy bar)  of Almond Joy (insert candy bar)  both now and later (insert candy) as you eat your card.  We hope it doesn't make you Rollo ver (insert Rollo candy) and get sick.  If it does we promise not to snicker (candy bar).  

Love Your favorite 

airhead (child's name) airhead (child's name) airhead (child's name)  

Here is your shopping list :  

Poster Board
100 grand
Extra gum
Orbit gum
Kit Kat 
York patty
Milky Way

I think Dads going to love it this Father's Day and even better we'll get to eat some of the candy.