Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glassy Natural House Glass Cleaner Review


Natural House's new product Glassy is a probiotic new glass cleaner.  It cuts through dirt, grime and germs and leaves a surface clean and streak free.  
Benefits of this Natural House product : 

*Glassy is a natural household cleaning product
*Leaves no dulling residue 
*Naturally digest odors at their source leaving a botanical fresh scent
*Active ingredients keep working to maintain a germ and odor free surface
*Is safe to use on multiple surfaces
*Contains No VOC's or other harmful chemicals 


What I think?   I really like the scent of this cleaner. It smells fresh and clean!  I also love the fact that this is a safer product to  have in my home around my child.  Glassy did the job I needed it to it cleaned the glass surfaces of my home without any issue.  Glassy is easy to use and I appreciate the fact that it keeps on working when I am done.


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disclosure: Natural House provided me with a Free bottle of Glassy for review.  All opinions shared are 100% my own.