Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Davenport Park Tuesdays Travels Linky

Living at the Whiteheads Zoo

Davenport Park
180 San Marco Ave. 
St. Augustine,  Florida  32084


We had such a great time at Davenport Park I can't wait to take C. back. 

For just $1.00 per ride Davenport Park has a fully functional and lovely carousel.


C. was so excited to ride the horse (horsey) .


Things I like about Davenport Park 
  • It is free other than the $1 for the carousel
  • The carousel
  • It is completely fenced which is so nice . I really think all play grounds should be.
  • It is not so large I have to run every second . I can actually let C. explore on his own a bit.
  • The play structure is not so high up I'm panicking he will break his neck. 
  • It is in the shade (huge) because it is HOT!
  • picnic tables are available
  • Playground equipment includes monkey bars (not crazy over but kids like them), swings, an enclosed and closed slide 

The park is completely handicap accessible thanks to the Kourtney Schmidt Foundation and City of St.Augustine.   



The big hit with C. is the roller slide.  We've never seen a slide like this so he was very excited to go up and down it many times.  The big kids said it hurts your bum but he didn't seem to think so.