Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beauty Products With Miss Jamie

I am so excited to share a new writer with you here at Living At The  Whiteheads Zoo.  My best friend Jamie. She is a creative working Mom of two amazing children ages 15 and 8.  Jamie is going to be sharing some beauty tips, crafts and reviews here and I know your going to love her bubbly creative style.  With that said , here is her very first post.


Hi, I'm Jamie.  I am a person who when in the mood will stop and make impulsive buys.

Last week I must have had one of those days. I was shopping in the mall when I got snagged up by one of those kiosk people who give you a sample of their product. I usually say “No Thanks” but not today  my DD rushed me over to the guy (Issac) we later found out was his

name…..who gave us a sample of lotion. 

It really was a drop the size of a pea and it covered both my hands really well (SHOCKED) I was.  Then he saw he had he rushed over to grab a FREE GIFT to give me!!! I saw it was the nail buffer thing ...yes I had been caught by them in the past about three years ago I bought that I told him I already had one.

 He then asked me about dry skin and face care, he wanted to do something for me and show me a product that takes the red out of my skin. I really do have that red blotching on

my face and arms. I work in health care and know how important skin care and hydration is it is very IMPORTANT. Yet I still do not drink enough water nor do I exfoliate my skin and NO I do not use lotions or creams on my face. I am getting into my late 30’s so maybe now I should start thinking about those things????

 As I sit and listen to the salesman I am thinking these thoughts in my yes now I am

hooked and what really got me was how SOFT MY hands felt….SO YES I wanted to purchase this stuff! 

I am going to start with the Nail product and upcoming weeks will review the body and face creams. The block had instructions on it LOVE IT because its so simple yet I need to read it again to make sure I am doing it correctly. You just rub each side on your nail for 30 sec to a min.

 I really do love the way my nails shined after only 1 minute of work. I keep looking at
them during the day I will HOPEFULLY keep using this product. I may even stop my bad habit of biting my nails so I can show them off.

Sorry you have to look at my ugly nails in the pics.

Before PICS !!!!!

So the big block is a just rub on nail on each side and follow the steps to super shiny beautiful can also be used on toes!

See I told U my fingers were not the greatest SORRY Again!!  The file has a side I think it’s the gray side that brings all the blood to the surface and  improves circulation and gives the nail that great pink color.  So far mine have stayed that way for 3 days! The shine is less now I

may have to do it again soon. YES this is my left finger on the left and my right one on the right...I had the right one done so I just took the pic of it first.


I love the sea salt scrub...I can’t wait to share that with you next!



Let me know your fav. Beauty products, tips, and remedies.

disclosure: Miss Jamie received a free Aqua product in exchange for an honest review.  These opinions are 100% my own.