Friday, May 18, 2012

Slime #Recipe & Fun

Miss E wanted slime at her Birthday party.  Slime is what she got.  Mom made a batch up just for the Birthday Girls celebration.  She could not wait!

It's fairly easy to make but it gets really hard after making.  You have to stir and stir to  be able to get the right consistency.  

Playing with slime, slime

Seeing how the slime feels. 

Getting slimed, Getting slimed

Waiting for the slime to come. 

slimed, slime

I think it is kind of gross but the kids seem to love it.  

Slime Recipe 

2 cups corn starch to 1 cup water
green food coloring 
Mix it up

This got seriously stiff, and had to be really worked to get it to loosen up and be ready
to SLIME the girls. They loved it , we just hosed them off with the water hose when finished.