Friday, May 4, 2012

Picking Out Running Shoes

How do you pick the perfect pair of running shoes? I am by NO means any kind of expert on running.  If you have tips on picking out the perfect pair of shoes, those that will go many miles and not hurt your feet I want to hear them. So Leave me a comment!  A runner I am not.  A wanna be runner that I am.  I picture myself doing it and doing it AWESOME!  I think about it , I try it, and then something else comes up and it goes on the back burner until I pick it up again another time.  I will eventually get there.  I've started and stopped couch to 5K twice now.  Soon I am going to pick it up and do it all the way beginning to end.

One thing I know I need is a new pair of shoes just for running.  But shoe shopping can be a bit much when you have no idea what you are doing.  There are a lot of shoes on the shelf that claim to be the best.  Right?  So, what makes a good running shoe?  Let's find out.

Here are some questions you need to know or be ready to answer when shoe shopping.

  • How often do you run?
  • Where will you be running?  (I had no idea they make shoes for pavement and shoes for trails so where you run makes a difference in the shoe you purchase, makes since). 
  • How far do you go? 
  • Are you a pro or newbie?  
A good shoe person will ask these questions or similar ones to assist you in finding the right shoe for your needs. And if your not one to use the shoe person, well then ask yourself these questions.  This will help you know what direction to go when looking.  It's important to know what your needs actually are and not just your wants. Its easy for the wants to Win if you are not careful . 

What qualities should a good running shoe have? 

  • A good fit. Never buy your shoe to small or to big.  
  • Stability ~ a shoe that controls motion in the ankle.  I definitely need this key feature.  I easily twist my ankles.  I'm just special that way. 
  • Light weight the lighter the better . I even apply this to my flip flops.  
  • the 3 C's (cushion, comfort, & cuteness)  OK cuteness is not mandatory but lets face it who wants non cute shoes? 
Ha ha this is usually me...