Friday, May 4, 2012

Fear by Michael Grant Book Review

Fear (Gone, #5)Fear by Michael Grant
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It's been one year since the adults have disappeared. The kids of the FAYZ / Perdido Beach are making it. They are determined and despite the numerous problems they have faced they are surviving. 

Then the dome goes dark, completely black. That changes everything.  

In this one you see some more of what the adults think, feel and see. 

Some of the characters finally reconnect and take the relationship to that next level. Dina finally has her baby the first baby born in this new world. The garphiage is looking to be reborn.  Drake is back and just as evil as ever.  He is on a mission for the garphiage .  

Lots of twist, turns and darkness in this one. This YA book gets my stamp of approval. I can't wait to see what happens when the FAYZ ends.  

Thank You Michael Grant.