Thursday, May 24, 2012

Challenges of Motherhood

Motherhood brings a whole new set of challenges as our children get older.  It is scary all of the things they can get into, all of the dangers lurking.  I am the kind of parent who believes that open communication is the best policy.  We tell our children they can come to us about anything.  I pray that they feel they can and always will.  I am not naive to believe that even though they know they can they will.  I know that when you find yourself in a sticky situation you are not always rational.

My daughter will soon be sixteen.  As she enters this new phase of her life fear grips my heart.  I know that I have raised a smart, and moral young lady capable and willing to make good decisions.  It is not her decisions I worry about so much but those of her peers.  Under age drinking and drugs are issues young adults face.  Far to many of our youth are killed in car accidents today and accidents caused by drinking, texting or careless driving.  Did you know Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, and more than one out of three of those are alcohol-related?  

As she ventures into the real world there are moments when she will be in others hands.  Perhaps when riding in a car with a friend.  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It takes one bad decision to destroy a life.  There have been so many accidents and tragedies in our small town it really makes me sick to think of her on the roads.  Yet, while sick I'm so happy that she is at this fun stage in her life.  That she enjoys her friends and is enjoying this time .  She will only be sixteen once after all.   

 My children have been taught to never ride with someone under the influence, that no matter where they are call and Mom or Dad will come get them .  My children are taught if they have a little voice or intuition going on inside then LISTEN please Listen .  There are so many dangers that we as parents simply can not control.  We love them, we guide them , and then we must let them go and pray they will be safe.  I feel the urge to just bubble wrap this amazing young woman I have raised .  

Have you discussed alcohol and substance abuse with your teen?  The dangers of driving and riding with others? What issues are you and your children facing ? Leave Me a Comment!