Sunday, May 20, 2012

#Bachelorette Week #1 Recap


I  must just be a sucker for a good romance story.  I watch Bachelor / Bachelorette each season hoping they'll pick the one I've chosen in my mind to be their perfect match .  I love the hoopla around it all and I love the dates.  They have some pretty darn good dates and visit some beautiful destinations.

The new Bachelorette Emily  seems like the sweetest young woman and is also a Mom. Go Emily.  I think she is jut beautiful and can't wait to see how she represents herself as the Bachelorette.   Hopefully, we will not be disappointed.

My thoughts : 

 I must say ABC knows how to pick them.  I am seriously wondering if they  looked for the polar opposite of Brad when casting.    I mean lets face it he was a hot act to follow.  I was a bit disappointed with these guys this far.   It was just show one so I'm hoping a few will stand out more as the show progresses and not in a cheesy way.

More about these 25 guys...

Kalon ~ arrives by helicopter.  Come on can you say show off?  A little over the top specially for night one. Definitely not winning him any points with the other guys either.  Way to start it off Kalon.

The Biology Teacher ~ seems nice enough .He tells Emily hes hoping for chemistry.  I'm thinking he may be disappointed but we'll see.

The mushroom farmer ~ Alenjandro.  I had no idea a mushroom farmer was an occupation.  Like I said ABC really picked them this time.

Arie ~ he gets big points right from the start. Why? He was quite honest and tells Emily he is a race car driver. Fearing she wouldn't want to go there again.  Emily reassures him shes fine with it.

Brent ~ had 6 kids. YIKES run Emily.  She sent him packing in the first ceremony of the show.

Travis ~ he brings an egg on the show and tells Emily he will guard and protect it just like he would her and Ricki.  He definitely reminds me of a past guy , do you think they're related?

One guy even introduces himself as Prince Charming .  Seriously, can you say cocky much?

Randy ~ that granny get up was well just scary.

Joe~ Joe's from Orlando Florida so we gotta cheer him on he may just be in my top 3.

Jeff ~ arrives via skateboard.  I think hes interesting but the hair.

Chris ~ presents Emily with a bobble head one that looks like him and one that looks like her.  Um nope can you say scary ?

Doug ~ Doug doesn't hesitate pulling out his Dad card.  He even pulls out a letter from his son . Hmm seriously.    Doug walked away with the first impression rose.

Here is who made cut one :

Doug (First Impression)

Here are my top 3 picks so far:

Doug,  Arie & our Florida man Joe. 

Super excited about show 2 on Monday 5/21 when 13 Bachelors will take the stage with Emily and the Muppets!  

What do you think will Emily find love this season?