Sunday, April 22, 2012

ZeroWater Pitcher Review And #Giveaway

Photobucket water purification systemIn our home we have city water.  I can't say I am a huge fan.  To me our water always smells pretty strongly of chlorine, and always taste chemically.  For that reason I usually buy bottled water for my family to drink.  This why I was really excited to review the ZeroWater water purification system.  

Photobucket ZeroWater purification systemI have also mentioned to you several times that I have a horrible time hydrating myself .  I know the importance of water for your body and I really want to drink all of them glasses of water , but never seem to get the job done.  I was extremely excited to open up my Zero Water pitcher , fill it and always have great tasting cold water on hand.  Not only that I like having the pitcher so I can challenge myself finish that pitcher by the end of the day.

Photobucket ZeroWater Purfication System The  ZeroWater pitcher fits perfectly on the shelf in my fridge. When I want a glass of water I use the valve to fill it , not even removing my pitcher from the fridge.   The size does not take up to much space , just like having a tea pitcher on your shelf.  Filling a full pitcher does take a few minutes, because you must allow for the water to filter through.  I simply fill it while I'm busy in the kitchen doing other things.

 I was super curious as to what our water would test as with the TDS meter  The meter read us at 180.  The higher the TDS reading the more dissolved substances are in your water.  Kind of gross when you think about all of that gunk in your water.  The filteration system works perfectly though .  A glass of ZeroWater tests at 0 just like it is suppose to.  I can tell a HUGE difference in the taste. The meter fits into the lid of the picture so that it is handy next time you need to test your water.  ZeroWater recommends that you change your filter when the TDS reads 006.  I'm so happy to know that I  now have a water purification system for my family.
Photobucket ZeroWater Purification System

What makes the ZeroWater Different?

  • It is a 5 stage filter
  • It uses Ion Exchange Technology
  • Removes all Detectable Dissolved Solids
Water passes through the ion exchange filters and the bad parts are exchanged with water ions like Hydrogen.  

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