Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toddler Tuesday ~ Potty talk

Potty Talk Warning we will be discussing pee in poop in this post.  So, if offended by
such talk please read another post instead. 

Parents how do you get a child to poop in the potty?  Not in front of the potty, beside the potty , in your underwear but on the potty.  From what I've read this is a common issue for potty training parents.  I mean seriously what is the issue for little people?

Tips I've heard works:

  • taking games and books into the bathroom to encourage them to stay sitting 

  • logging your child's bathroom visits so you can plan for the poop

  • showing them where poop goes 

  • let your child watch when you go (don't we all love that one)

  • Reward success big and small ( believe you me if we had success we'd celebrate)

Poop takes work!  My youngster does not even sit on the potty.  How on Earth am I suppose to get him to poop there?  And stay long enough to get the job done? Really?  And why is it so darn difficult?  Hello, pooping down the commode has to feel better than having it squish on your bottom RIGHT?  I know gross  but really what's the hold up?  What's the deal with hiding when you go?  Where do little people get these ideas anyway?   I've never hid in the corner behind the curtain  to demonstrate how to go.  I know what your going to say patience and practice.  Don't we get that a lot as parents?  Sigh I'm just happy we have pee completed and hopefully this new phase of potty training we will pass soon.  

I want to hear your potty stories.  If you've had poop success leave me a tip or just a comment.