Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toddler Talk Thursday ~ What do you keep on hand for a sick toddler?


This Week’s Topic:  Sick Toddlers

What items do you keep on hand for when your baby is sick? 

  • liquid Vitamin C
  • Vapor Rub (my guy can not stand his nose to be stuffy)
  • Popsicles
  • Mama (Mr.Man needs lots of Mama love when he is feeling blue)
  • Lots of liquids my guy actually loves ginger ale so I keep small cans of that in the pantry for tummy aches 
  • SAMBUCUS for kids (mix of elderberry, ecinacea and propolis)
  • Lots of Movies
We have been really blessed.  C is rarely sick and I'm so thankful.  I know when he starts school eventually every germ out there is going to find us. So not looking forward to that.  I am also very preventive.  If we have been out in public or around someone that is sick I will give him some vitamin c and even SAMBUCUS.  Also, if I think hes coming down with something I'll go ahead and give him a dose.  Usually, we can head it off right then and that's great.  

disclosure: I always check with my Pediatrician before I give C anything.  These are tips that work well for us, that does not necessarily mean they are for you.  Please always discuss with your own Dr. to find what is best for your family. 

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