Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meal Plan Monday ~ April Menu


1.  Shrimp and Grits
2.  Ham, Hash brown Casserole, green veggie
4.  BBQ Pulled Pork , Fries and leftovers from 3.
5.  Chicken and Dumplings, Crock pot Mac and cheese , and broccoli
6.  Leftover Pulled Pork  sandwiches or stuffed potatoes (family choice)
7.  Crock Pot Spaghetti, and cheesy Pull a part bread *FREEZE Leftover
8.  Easter lunch (away) sandwiches for dinner
9.   Crock Pot Rotel Chicken Salads /tacos *FREEZE Leftovers
10.  Meatloaf/ mashed potatoes/carrots
11.  Baked ziti, garlic bread, sliced cucumber salad (make 2 freeze one)
12.   Breakfast
13.   Crock Pot Steak Burritos / Salad
14.   Grilled Fajita Burgers and grilled corn on the cob
15.   Chicken and rice, mac and cheese, green beans
16.   Crock pot hamburger steaks over rice , broccoli, sliced tomatoes
17.   Pork Chops (BBQ) mac and cheese, green beans (or leftover sides from earlier in the wk)
18.   Steak Rotini and asparagus on the side
19.  Sausage Bake and Corn bread
20.  No Peek Beef Tips , Egg Noodles, veggie
21.  Fish and Chips
22.  Chili's Chicken Fajita (new) / chips /salsa
23.  Crock Pot Pork Chops, Mashed potatoes and ..something green
24.  Homemade Pizza
25.  Spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread 
26.  Leftovers 
27.  Vegetable Beef Soup and grilled cheese 
28.  Grilled Burgers, Hot dogs, potato salad 
29.  Grilled Chicken Breast, veggie packs and hot rolls
30.  Baked pork chops, hash brown casserole,  +veggie 

Dessert:  Birthday Cake / Banana Pudding / Banana pudding cupcakes/ 
                No bake cookies and cream cheesecake