Monday, April 30, 2012

May's Monthly #Menu


30.  Baked pork chops, hash brown casserole,  +veggie 

May's Menu

1.  Four cheese burgers and oven baked fries
2.  Pot roast with veggies, mashed potatoes, and wheat rolls
3.  Teriyaki chicken over rice (freezer meal make 2)
4.  Crock pot spaghetti and garlic toast
5.  Homemade pizza
6.  Oven Sausage and Veggie Bake with Salads
7.  No Peek Beef Tips over rice, broccoli and sliced tomatoes
8.  Meat Loaf, Left Over rice, Mac and Cheese, and stewed tomatoes
9.  Chicken and Rice, oven roasted veggies and salad, homemade bread
10.  Crock Pot Fajitas and Beef tacos
11. Leftovers or grilled cheese
12.  Coca Cola Pork, Mac and Cheese and Baked Beans
13. Leftover Pork Sandwiches and baked potatoes
14.  Foil Baked London Broil with peppers, baked potatoes and skillet corn bread 
15.  Shepherd's Pie
16.  Tasty Country Meat Loaf (new ) with mashed potatoes and glazed baby carrots
17.  Spaghetti and Meat Balls / Salads and garlic bread monkey cups
18.   Baked Ham , Hash brown casserole and (something green)
19.  Steak and Veggie Packs
20.  BBQ Chicken , potato salad, and baked beans
21.  Janey Potatoes and salads
22.  Crock Pot Swiss Steak, Rice, Green Beans , Rolls
23.  Leftover Steak Stew w/ Veggies, Italian Bread
24.  Honey Ranch Hamburgers *(new freezer recipe),Hot dogs,  Cole Slaw and French Fries
25. Copy Cat Johnny Carrino's Skillitini, Italian Bread
26.  Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joe's (ground beef New #Recipe) & pasta salad
27.  Taco Salad
28.  Chili's Copy Cat Chicken , & twice baked potatoes
29.  Hamburger Hash , Crock Pot mac and cheese 
30.  Pork Chops, Crock Pot Mac and Cheese left overs, and ?
31.  Homemade pizzas

Desserts:  peach pound cake, apple pie and ice cream, Birthday Cake