Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zoo's Weekly Recap

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What have we been up to here at the Zoo?
Our weeks review:


We had some yummy cherry delight topped with Cool Whip.
Cool Whip rocks don't you think?  

Revealed my kitchen makeover


We made a Leprechaun Trap complete with oobly sticky gook
and watchers (kids have the darndest imaginations)


The balloons were the "watchers" see how they have faces.
The sticky green gook in the box was an assortment of syrup , food coloring and all kinds of sticky.
Then they cut up red potatoes because leprechauns really love Irish potaotes better than gold.

We shared some pretty great giveaways. 
If you haven't entered check them out.

We've been talking about some new movies from Disney.

How about some Taylor Kitsch in John Carter?

Talked about baseball moms for Wordless Wednesday.  I'll have to do a post from the coaches wife soon.  Oh my would that be a story for you.

Thursday we talked about potty training and being a bit competitive as a Mom.  What is it about motherhood that brings that out?

Foto Friday ~ we shared a little bit of green from Savannah , Georgia.  Love that place.

& don't forget about Fitness Friday where we shared how to work out and play too!

Plus my weekly weigh in down 15lbs.  Whoop! Feels Awesome.  I hope I can keep at it.

That's our weekly recap.  Tell me do you like a recap or does it seem to repetitive?