Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toddler Talk Thursday ~ Potty Training

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I have said this before when I got pregnant with baby number three,  I thought to myself how much easier this time around would be.   I had done it twice , I was older , more educated, and  I had been working with kids for years.  I imagined myself ahead of the game , knowing just what to do and having everything run smoothly. 

Boy was I delusional.  The saying every child is different is 100% true.  All of the tricks I learned with my first two children umm NO.  Everything I thought I knew I quickly learned was going to be different with this little boy.  

Potty training was no different.  My daughter potty trained fairly easily.  She was trained quickly and before she was two.  She never wet the bed , no issues once she was potty trained she was trained.  My first son took a little bit longer than his big sis but again was potty trained by around 2.  

Now Mr. C. that's another story. OH Boy did he give me a run for my money.  Let me just say we  tried and tried.  When he hit two I almost panicked oh my he is not potty trained.  At his two year old well visit our lovely Dr. said "don't worry boys are slower to adjust its more like 3 before you should take that seriously."  That made me feel better for a while. I chilled out because at 2 it was very clear he was NOT ready.  I thought great we have plenty of time.  He'll be way potty trained before 3.  UMM no.  

At 27 months I tried again and again disaster.  Accidents, tears, frustration it just wasn't happening.  Later a friend shared the 3 day potty training method with me.  So, we gave that a try.  Again NOPE.   My cousins little boy is just a few months older than C and he potty trained quickly and easily and what seemed like WAY before we did.   I began to feel panicky again.  My husband cracked jokes if you don't do something soon he'll be going to kindergarten in diapers.  Gee thanks honey.  

The days ticked by and that third Birthday was getting close.  I so wanted him to be potty trained before that Birthday .  I would think to myself he has to be potty trained before he is three. I imagined all kinds of insane scenarios because we were not potty trained.  

Well he did turn three and the world did not end when he was not potty trained yet.  The world did not end.  Ironically it was like being three had a bit of magic in itself.  Like a little light bulb clicked.  He began showing interest and going to the potty.  We switched to big boy underwear and a few accidents we did have but again progress.

Now here we are just a month after the third Birthday and I'm happy to say he is pretty much potty trained.  Not perfectly by any means but we pretty much have the concept down and make every effort to get there on time. Yay.  I would have certainly saved myself a lot of headaches and grief had I  just listened to the Doctor and waited to begin at 3.   

Why does parenting bring out a competitive side in me?  Why do I compare him he has his own little mind and own great accomplishments.  Shouldn't I just be overjoyed in all that he is.  The answer is Yes, and I am.  I am proud to be this little monkeys mom.  I feel so blessed and he teaches me something new daily.  Guess what, I don't know it all I had A LOT to learn.  

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