Saturday, March 17, 2012

Share At The Zoo Saturday #4


Share At the Zoo didn't seem to go over very well.  I must admit I was a little disappointed.Sometimes that's how the cookies crumble .  

This week I have a great blog to share with you . 


Let's give a Zoo welcome to Valerie at Glittering Muffins.
I'm so happy you linked up last time Valerie.

Valerie  shared a kitchen sensory bath here at the Zoo.  Which looked like it would be so much fun for a little one to play in.   I also highly recommend the newest post over at Glittering Muffins 50 mom approved tips and tricks.    Drop by and give Glittering Muffins some love this week.  I'm sure you will find you love them as I do. 

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This week I'm not posting a linky.  If you'd like to be featured at the Zoo...
leave a comment below, with your blog name and post url.   

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