Thursday, March 29, 2012

Illusion by Frank Peretti Review & Giveaway

Frank Peretti Illusion

Frank Peretti has one awesome imagination and way with words.  I picked up Illusion wondering would I like it or not?  I laid it down not wanting it to end.  A 40 year love story, a tragedy, and a manipulative government.  Already sounds like a winner doesn't it?  Oh, and don't forget the magic.  That's right magic. 

Dane and Mandy Collins magicians, partners , husband and wife for 40 years.  Tragedy  hits when they are in a car accident.  An accident that takes Mandy's life.  That's where the story begins.  

Mandy awakes thinking she is 19 and it is 1970.  Only to find it is really 2010 and everyone thinks shes crazy.  Mandy ends up landing herself in the mental ward, until she finds a way to escape.  Alone in a strange world she begins using magic to make a living.  With no idea how she knows about magic.  Mandy is struggling to find out how she got here and who she really is .  She finds herself drawn to her new mentor Dane Collins but has no idea why.  Mandy fades from time to time as if shes in a time warp and finds herself startled and scared by images she sees in these "hallucinations".  Is Mandy crazy? 

Dane Collins is trying to move on with his life after such a horrific loss.  First he  runs into Gypsy Mandy when shopping for winter clothes and then in a coffee shop  later on.  This woman calling herself Eloise reminds him in every way of his Mandy.   Eventually, he mentors Eloise and along the way begins to figure out who she really is.  Everything even her teeth are like his Mandy.  Dane finds himself troubled about the way he feels.  He is 60 after all.   

Mandy and Dane are not the only players involved.  Other interest have a huge say in what will happen to Mandy.  You'll just have to read it to find out!  

Exceptionally well written I give this book a high 5 from the Zoo.  

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disclosure: I received one  FREE ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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