Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness Friday ~ From Unmotivated ~To Motivated ~ To Habit



I feel like the last person who should be telling you about fitness and good health.  Honestly, I totally fell off the wagon this week. Unmotivated has been my name.  Ever have one of them weeks where you think I should go exercise only to lie back down or do something else instead.  That's been me.

OH, and bad food went right along with it.  I think it stems from the week before being on spring break where the fall initially began and then has spiraled out of control .  I seriously had pizza and Krispy Kreme doughnuts this week.  Can you say hop back on fat. Sigh!   You know what else I have felt like junk all week.

I read this great tip in Shape magazine about scheduling your workout and treating it like an appointment. I think I'm going to put that to the test this week.  Instead of going with whatever time I fit it in to my day.

So, I have seen the light again and have my bottle of water in hand as I head out to get in some exercise and get back on track.

PhotobucketThe beach is my very favorite place to get in some exercise.  I could seriously walk up and down all day long.  I love it.  This picture was taken on our spring break.  The beach was packed but we had a fabulous time.  A bonus exercise for moms lugging the extra thirty pounds of a toddler, plus sand toys, boogie boards and towels up and down the beach just for family fun.

If only I could wake up on the beach every morning right.  I wonder if those living at the beach say if only I could wake up in the country every morning ?  You know what they say the grass is always greener on the other side .

Some Outside Inspiration from Pinterest:

I'm thinking I need to make one of these to put on the fridge.

You want to know one of the hardest things for me?  Hydration.

Isn't that crazy.  Just drink your water and be done with it.  It is not that I don't enjoy water I am just not one to drink.  I can go all day and only drink one beverage from morning until bed and never think about it. When I do have a drink I can take a couple of sips and I'm good.  So, I have to really work at making myself drink water all day.

So my goal for April is to get from motivation to habit. Were you successful at maintaining your goals for March? Or do you have any set for April? 

As you already know I am a #FitFluential Ambassador.  Which is pretty motivational all in its own for me.  There are some amazing #FitFluential Ambassadors who really lead by example in healthy living and exercise.  #FitFluential has began something new called #Proof. 

"Here at FitFluential we know that people are running their own races, accepting their own challenges, and taking steps for a healthy lifestyle every day. And we want to help you acknowledge and celebrate that. Every day." from FitFluential Blog

If your on twitter check out the #FitFluential #proof and see just what we've been up to.
"We're saying it loud and tweeting proud"  What's your Proof?