Friday, March 16, 2012

Fitness Friday ~ 10 Fun Ways to Workout and Play Too

As a mom of three there are many times I am not alone when working out.  I usually have at least one tag along, or sometimes even participant.  I think its so cute when my youngest imitates the moves he sees or puts his own spin on something.

With that said sometimes you can get a workout while playing with your little tag along too.

10 Fun Ways to workout and play too

  1. Bike rides ~ put a baby seat on your bike, or bring your child's bike and hit the trail.  The fresh air and exercise is great for you both. 
  2. Hooping ~ grab a hula hoop and get your spin on. Have contest, play games , find a Hoop Jam locally.  They have one the 2nd Sunday of every month near us.  
  3. Take a swim. This definitely constitutes family fun for all and you can get a lap or two in.
  4. Children's Yoga ~have fun stretching and learning Yoga through your child's eyes.  It definitely gives you a new perspective.  You can grab a DVD or even find a class.
  5. Wii ~ get out the Wii and put in a fitness game, Zumba or dance party and show them how to bust a move.  
  6. Bust A Move ~ Talking about busting a move just put some tunes on and dance, freeze dance, play games who can shake a leg the longest. You get the idea. 
  7. Soccer Drills ~ Grab a soccer ball and do some drills . Your little athlete will be so happy you did. 
  8. Try Family Zumba ...check out this you tube video from the YMCA in Twin Cities.  Looks pretty cool, right?

9.  Park ~ head to the park . While they play you can walk around the park, work them arms on the monkey bars, climb the slide too.  Trust me your not to old to climb and run and jump and play and your child will enjoy every minute.
10. Grab the Stroller & Go ~ and let them join you on your power walk/or run.  You can make it extra fun by giving them a list of objects to find on their ride. Give them the camera and let them take photos along the way.  Making it a game, or letting them listen to tunes with ear buds.

Hope you enjoyed my tips.  If you get a workout while playing too I'd love to hear all about it .  Leave me a comment here or drop me a line or two on facebook.


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