Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you flip through the pages of your yearbook from time to time?


I have found that the older my children get as they are reaching milestones in their lives the more I reflect on my own.  Maybe to show my daughter that old prom dress, or my son his dad on the baseball team.  They enjoy a trip down memory lane with us from time to time.  It's just fun to point out Dad's long hair or Mom's way to  puffy teased 80's hair and have a good laugh.  We often get "mom what were you thinking?" or "That's Dad?"  We live in a small town and they enjoy seeing what their teachers looked like or who we hung out.

We are ending the end of the school year.  52 school days to be exact.  My daughters yearbook is a nice $80 ouch.  Shutterfly now has a new photo yearbook.  This is a great way for you to preserve your child's memories of friends and teachers.  You can snap photos through out the year and then make them a yearbook .  I know I was very disappointed when my child's fifth grade class decided to not do the yearbook and do a photo CD.  It just was not the same.  I'm not sure I could even find the CD.  There is just something about having the book to look back through.  This is a great lower cost option for schools and preschools.  I think they would be AWESOME to do for your child's extracurriculars also.  (4H, Girl Scouts, Sports Team) How fun!

If your child's school does not already have a yearbook.  I think this is a great option to share with the school,  PTA whom ever to get the ball rolling.  If they are not interested make your own.  It really is an easy process.  Specially designed templates make your pages look great and make it that much easier to use.  Plus when you order for an entire class you get up to 75% off. Your pocketbook won't hurt nearly as bad as mine paying that $80.   Shutterfly Yearbooks are made to love and last.  You can reorder them at anytime.  Books are printed in color and professionally bound.  I have made several photo books at Shutterfly and have always been happy with the final product and customer service.

Don't miss a trip down memory lane with your grand kids one day.  Preserve those childhood memories for your family.

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disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shutterfly.  I will receive a free book in exchange for this post.
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