Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Pantry Organizer

Part of our kitchen makeover.  My pantry has been awful forever. The shelves in it have NEVER worked well for canned goods. It hasn't worked out well for me. 

Then I saw this by the fridge can organizer on Pinterest.  I showed it to  J and he was inspired. 
He took down the bulletin board that once hung on the back of the door and put this up for me.  Made with dowels and plywood.  I'm thrilled it works perfectly for canned goods/small boxes and frees up my shelf space.  Thank You honey! 

We're considering adding a 2nd one under this one for spices etc. Plus it is all still hidden away in the pantry.  


What's new in your home?  Have you recently finished a DIY project?  

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