Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trendy Tuesday ~ Perfect and Not So Perfect Valentine's

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Happy Valentine's Day! 

 I must say I have had some not great ones in the past and some fantastic ones too.  Valentine's Day the day we give extra special treats to the one we love.  Do you find this difficult? How about this one after opening your Valentine you sit back and wonder does you man even know you at all?  Why on Earth would he gift you with this monstrosity?  

What gift is the right gift for you ladies this Valentine's Day?



Honestly, I use to throw a fit when my husband bought me flowers.  This would be when I was young and had no since.   I always said they'll just die and you'll have wasted all of that $.  Then he stopped buying them (ouch).  Then one day he surprised me at work with the lovely bouquet like the one shown in the photo above.  I have since retracted my NO Flower policy.  Flowers put a smile on my face.  They may not last forever but they are pretty, traditional, and thoughtful.

This one probably depends on your girl.  I like candy, but for example right now I am working hard to lose weight.  If you know your significant other is on a diet don't torture her /him with candy.  Think of something else to win their heart.  On the other hand if you have a die hard candy lover it is definitely a nice way to say your special.  I DON"T want a box of candy this Valentine's Day (for my honey).  My daughter would be quite happy with a box of her favorite candies though.


You know what they say Diamonds are a girls best friend.  I don't really have anything negative about the gift of diamonds .  I will  say they represent forever.  Most ladies don't want a diamond ring that represents nothing more than friendship.  If your not serious about a lady don't give her a diamond ring for Valentine's day.  The candy would be a better choice.   If you are looking for something extra special though the right diamond will sing to a girls heart.

Vacuum Cleaner and other Household Appliances :(?

I can right now tell you 9 times out of 10 even if she really does need a new one this is not what a girl wants on Valentine's Day.   The only time this really is OK for a gift is if the girl tells you 100% that is what she wants, and then I highly recommend you go ahead and pick that box of chocolates up to go with.  Even if she says this is what she wants when you think about it how romantic is housework?

Stuffed Animal ? 

 This depends on your honey.  In particular I think its a good gift for a young child, teenager, or perhaps an elderly loved one.  This gift says casual relationship to me, good for the dating couple.  This would not be a gift I'd be to thrilled with (sorry I know its the thought that counts RIGHT). 


Is this for him or me?  The right mood and this can be a great gift you both enjoy. 

Romantic Getaway=)?

Centennial House B&B St. Augustine 
Source: florida-inns.com via Amber on Pinterest

A romantic giveaway with my honey is always just what the Doctor orders.  it is by far my favorite Valentine gift.  One that I feel like he really takes the time to plan and make special.  One that we will both enjoy.  We do not get these get aways quite enough but when we do they are definitely special times.  


No matter the gift you do or do not receive when it comes down to it Valentine's Day is just another day.  If you stop to question does this man really know me at all don't worry tons of other ladies will be thinking the same thing this evening.  If he totally screws up just remember that it is just one day and all of the right things he does  every other day.


Holds my head when I am sick
He puts up with me when I throw a fit
He works hard so I can stay at home with our baby
He is a good father
He listens most of the time
Holds my hand when I'm afraid 
Most of all he loves me and he's mine