Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toddler Talk Thursday~ Toddler Songs

This weeks Topic: Toddler's Favorite Songs

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C is very temperamental when it comes to music.  He absolutely hates the ABC's.  I know crazy right.  He'll say hush Mama.  Silly boy.  There are a few songs he enjoys though.

He likes Old MacDonald some days.
He loves Happy Birthday.
You are my sunshine he likes that when he is sleepy.
If your happy & you know it he's liked that since he was a baby.
The wheels on the bus (sometimes)
Hot dog Hot dog Hot Diggity Dog 
(I don't know if that is really the name or not? It's the song off of Mickey Mouse and he goes around singing it so cute)
He loves Your Elmo and You Know It 

What songs does your toddler like? 

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