Friday, March 2, 2012

A Run Around The Bat House

Looking to get some exercise and enjoy a family outing too?  For an enjoyable run in Gainesville Florida, take a jog around Lake Alice.  Beware of alligators.   Lake Alice is known for the many gators that call it home.  Wind your way around the UF campus for some extra mileage if you'd like. You definitely won't be sorry that you did.

Time your run around bat watching at the UF Bat house.  Some of you may be wondering why UF has a bat house to begin with.  Bats have always loved the UF campus.  In 1991 University of Florida took on the bat house project in an effort to successfully get rid of the bats on campus and safely relocate them.   The bats did not take to the house at first.  It took them several years to make the bat house home.  Now the UF bat house is home to over 60,000 bats. A second house was put up in 2010.  It is truly amazing to watch them come out at dusk.  The best time to see them is early spring - early summer.



Some find them fascinating, others find bats scary.  I personally find them fascinating. 
If you are planning on family time at the bat house you can teach your children a thing or two about bats before the outing.  Make it a mini field trip for them.  Read Stellaluna with them one of my favorite "bat" children's books.  Mostly just enjoy the experience. 

Remind them never pick up a bat, NO TOUCHING, use quiet voices while watching, no littering and BEWARE bats may pee and poop while in flight.  

And if you decide  to do the run and leave the family home  ENJOY! 
UF map to plan your run.

                                                Well what do you think?

You can find out more about the bats from the Florida Museum of Natural History.


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