Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eye Make Up Leave It or Love it?

Living At The Whiteheads Zoo

If you don't wear make up often.  It really seems a little shocking  when you decide to.  Their 
are so many brands/ choices available. You look so different.  Do you look like a clown?  That is always what I am thinking when I play/apply different make up.  When someone else does it or I see it on someone else I usually like it.  However, for the most part I leave it.  

Eye Make up what is the proper way to apply it?  Lucky for us their are tons of help sites online and how to photos on Pinterest.  First things first you need to pick your colors.  Start with a simple more neutral pallet.  You can always spice it up and add color to it as you get use to what your doing.

Pick three colors from the same color family. 
First apply the lightest and cover the entire eye lid.
Next apply the medium share and cover the eye lid  to the crease.
Add the darkest shadow into the crease. 
Now Blend your colors.  

What do you think will you give your eyes a try in a bit? I fully intended to go by new make up for this post and let my daughter and her friend play one me.  That didn't happen though ...maybe the next time?

Check out these eyes they are Crazy.

They are super fun right!  When I asked my daughter and her friend about eye make up this is what they said. "Google it Mom" you'll find  tons you can do with eye make up.  Then they mentioned Smokey eyes.  You can find some great Smokey eye tips at Loreal Paris.

  I think playing with our look is part of the fun of being a girl.  Even though I rarely do it I know I can if I want to.

OK I feel old.  Have you used a shadow stick?  Shadow sticks are a quick application, you just swipe it across your lids. Neat OH!

What about eye liner, pencil or liquid?  I use both.  When applying eye liner you want to get it closest to your lash line working from the inside to outer corner.

Mascara...Mascara is my #1 must have in the make up box.  I rarely use it , but I love it when I do.  Even without a painted face mascara just makes my eyes pop.

What about you do you have a must have product in your make up kit? How about the eye make up do you leave it or love it?