Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ode to Potty Training and The Clorox Lounge

Are you ready to have some laughs? Share some laughs?  Who doesn't want to have a good laugh?  How about laugh for a chance to win some money?    Head on over to the Clorox Lounge to have a good laugh and enter a sweepstakes for $10,000.  First, hang out here and laugh with me.

It's Potty time.  Mr. Man baby  #3 has had me standing on my head to get him over the potty.  Seriously, my husband began teasing me that he would begin school before I got him potty trained , and I began to panic.  Why is this so hard?  I have danced, I have sang,  high fived, given stickers, bribed and so much more. One day I even danced with underwear on my head.  My cheers have carried on so loudly that my teenage daughter storms out of her room one afternoon to tell me that all of her friends on Skype are wondering why we are always cheering about pee and poop.  Could I please be quieter? .  Ha did you laugh with me?  Now, finally my guy has pretty much got the potty thing down.  Yippee, picture me doing a happy dance.

 I am still expected to give a sticker , high five, and do a little dance each time he does the deed.  This can be quite entertaining when you are  at the store.  For some unknown reason mommy is the only one he will go to the potty with. Sigh!  Lucky lucky girl I am.  I have had my shoe peed on , the shower curtain hosed down, and oh boy a turd put in my hand.  How gross and  I still cheered  LOUDLY. Just ask the older kids .    The Clorox Lounge is turning the bathroom into the laugh room.

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