Sunday, February 5, 2012

Animal Control...step up and be responsible for your pets!

My heart is deeply sad this morning for a dear friend who lost her lab last night.   She arrived home in her driveway to find 2 vicious pit bulls shredding her beautiful yellow boy.  The family is of course distraught as I am sure many of you would be.

Tears streamed down my face this morning when my husband told me the horrific story that unfolded last night.  It sickens to me think that things like this can happen at your own home.  Her dog, as is mine is not free to roam the neighborhood or create havoc.  He was at home, in his own yard, when attacked.  This is not OK.

I honestly do not know a lot about the Pit Bull breed. I personally would not have one, but that is me.  I have seen to many stories on the news, heard to many stories from friends and would rather be safe than sorry.

Here is my problem.  People have these animals and do not take proper care of them, do not keep them at home, and do not take responsibility when they create mass damage.  I'm not only talking about the Pit Bull Breed here.  I am talking about all pets.  If you purchase one step up and take care of it.  Don't let it roam the neighborhood and be a holy terror or someones nightmare.  Don't decide you no longer want it and just let it loose, or drop it at someones house. (That really is wrong). I have had multiple animals we did not go out and purchase just show up on my doorstep.  Come on people!  Drop it off at the vet, animal control whatever but don't make it someone Else's problem.

We have had issues with neighbors pets in the past.  We had a mother hog, and her piglets come get in our trash daily for a bit.   We woke up to a horse one morning pacing the fenced in yard.  To this day my daughter will tell you her Papa bought her a horse and I sent it away.  Not so, someones had escaped.   We once had a mini daschund and a big boxer came running through my front gates ( I have a fenced yard) and grabbed him up like a rag doll.  A neighbors basset hounds shredded my air conditioning ducts one time, when told he laughed.  WHAT?

I'm warning you now I have a big yellow boy.  He can not leave my yard.  When I first got him this was not the case.  He liked to visit my neighbors swimming pool and he tore through their screened porch a few times.  We had to do something so he could not be a menace.  So , we did.  It was not a cheap fix.  But it was a fix we had to implement because we wanted to keep our dog and not have him be trouble for others.    

Have you ever had an issue with someones pet or a stray?
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