Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teens...The Thought Process

Today I wanted to pull my hair out.  My two teens....

Do you ever wonder why they know best?  

To us Floridians right now 40 as a high is FREEZING.  Come on now we were just in the 70's a few days ago.  Our teeth are chattering, we're dressing like its the blizzard of the century and we're ready for it to hit the road.   Well most of us.  Not my older two children maybe they were switched at birth and really came from the North.  No really?  

 Child #1 comes out this morning dressed in shorts.....?  Thought process here? again we're in FL and we think its FREEZING.  

Me : you need to wear pants It's freezing.

Child #1 I'm good

Again Me...same....

Child #1 I don't have any pants

Me: ~ ! @ ? WHAT yes you do find some.

Child #1 well there not clean

Me...Then are they in the laundry room

Child #1 No in my room

AGAIN Thought process here...sigh

Me find some pants , wear them dirty its FREEZING

Child #1 mom I'm good really

Me your going to be sick, miss baseball tryouts etc.

Child #1 yeah OK MOM....(ergh smarty pants ME)

Me FREEZE your behind off all day long then rrrr.

Moving on to Child #2 who goes to school an hour behind child  

Child #2 I'm ready

Me..your hairs wet

Child #2 Yep

Me.. You really should dry your hair your going to catch your death

Child #2 Yeah I know

Me ???~! thought process here? 
we have a blow dryer

Child #2 I know we do.  

Me ...pulling my hair out after I drop them off. 

 Smiles ... TEENS....the thought process.