Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts of A Stay At Home Mom

These are the Random Thoughts of a Stay at Home Mom.  I hope you get a laugh ...with me and just so you know I really do love being a SAHM and all that it brings .

  • No don't pee on the floor. (How do you get a boy to aim and not pee all over your floor?)
  • Me Time ...Just Me time REALLY?
  • What would they ever do without me?
  • Seriously does it have to pour when it is time to pick up the kids?
  • If I find one more sock lying in the floor I may just scream?
  • Eeww where did that come from?
  • Why does he eat his boogers anyway, what do boogers taste like?  How many calories are in a booger?  GROSS.
  • I should really mop today but then they're just going to get stuff on the floor.  
  • To Blog or Not to Blog today? 
  • Dishes and more Dishes where do all of these Dishes come from.  
  • Do we really wear this many clothes?  Can't they reuse a towel sometime ? Come On.  
  • Potty Training Sucks ...Why can't men potty train boys?  
  • Maybe I should just record me saying No
  • aww those are the sweetest little Kisses Ever... 
  • SLEEP so angelic when he's sleeping 
  • She spends how much on her hair ? REALLY?
  • How did she afford That?  HMM
  • He wants me to do what for fundraising  ? 
  • What do they need all of that $ for anyway?  
  • I am the luckiest woman in the world, WAIT don't do that .
  • You need what by in the morning?  What do I look like supermom?  
  • I can not believe he just did that  where is the nearest exit? OMG
  • does 1/2 a squat count?  how many sit ups is that?  I need to do how many repetitions of that? REALLY.  
  • Doesn't a doughnut count as a protein or some thing healthy PLEASE.  
  • Maybe if I take just one sip of that coke..or just one bit of that cake.  That's not really so bad right?  
  • Honey why oh why did you do this to me?  
  • Sure I'll do that no problem SMILES =)
  • Tonight I will enjoy that glass of wine.
  • NO No Nope
  • How cute!  I have such cute kids.

What Random Thoughts Do You Have?