Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Protect Yourself With IdentityHawk Identity Theft Protection

Have you ever worried about identity theft? I find identity theft to be a very scary topic. Knowing someone can make off with basically my life if they desire kind of freaks me out. IdentityHawk offers identity theft protection for those of us looking to protect ourselves from these thieves .

How does it work?  IdentityHawk's patent pending early warning monitoring system scans the web for suspicious activities.  It then alerts you , so hopefully you will not become a statistic.  IdentityHawk will assign you a health score to help you determine how fragile your identity protection is.  IdentityHawk will notify you with text and email alerts when they detect a problem.

You may want to visit IdentityHawk,  and see how you can safeguard your identity.  Thousands of people fall victim every day.  Don't let yourself become one of them.  IdentityHawk is a preemptive measure, cover yourself before its to late to take cover.  If you do fall victim and are an IdentityHawk member you will have access to a qualified team to help explain and help you step by step in restoring your identity.

Identity theft occurs when someone has wrongful access to your personal information.  Identity theft often is by someone you know .  Many times the victim will suffer from withdrawals from their savings/checking accounts, unexplained credit card activities, having their social security card used illegally.  The consequences can be devastating.

What is Your Risk?
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Identity Theft is not an issue to take lightly.  If you feel you are at risk look into IdentityHawk or other forms of help.

My husband had an issue several years ago. Someone, had falsely used his information and gotten into some serious trouble with the law.  Sadly, we were not even aware of it until it popped up on a background check.  A great big mess that was! Luckily, for us we were able to get it straightened out fairly quickly and it did not cost him the position he was trying to obtain.  It was a great big hassle for something that was not of our doing what so ever though.

IdentityHawk was created to help protect , and safeguard consumers, their names, properties and assets. IdentityHawk members can view the health of their identity protection, identify areas where they are most at risk, and take proactive steps to reduce those risks.

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