Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing You all a Healthy and Happy New Year!  
May 2012 be a Super Year for us All!

What Goals or Resolutions have you made for 2012?  Here at the Zoo we have quite a list going.  Surely  we will accomplish at least part of it right.  Actually, it begins today with a laundry room makeover.  Hubs is tearing down a wall fingers crossed all goes well...

Here are a few things on my list this year:

  • To keep a journal ~ I have shared with you before that I have my Papa's journals. I love them.  If I want to have a good cry, trip down memory lane or even a good laugh I pull them out.  They even have notes from my Granny written in them.  Such a treasure to me I want my kids to one day be able to have the same from me.
  • To Eat healthier as a Family
  • To Drink My H20 yeah I'm a slacker in hydration I'll go all day and never drink a drop. Terrible I know.
  • To become more active!  In doing so become physically fit and encourage  our children to be although they are really already very athletic and active =)
  • To make some changes in this house, organization and decor wise..starts today
  • To spend more quality time with the hubs just us 2012 dates once a month ...we'll see if this one happens.

Good Luck with your resolutions and goals this year.  I hope you Exceed your expectations and I mine! 

Happy 2012~